TIME TO DIVE Virtual Show

This Zoom event will feature awesome prizes, education, sales, and manufacturers talking about all the greatest gear and scuba courses.

Join Cris Merz and Jesse Iacono from SDI’s Business Development Department at the “Time to Dive” to learn more about two engaging topics.

SDI specialties and your advancing dive future

On Thursday, April 1st at 6 PM Eastern (5 PM Central) Cris and Jesse will be presenting a 30 min discussion of what your future could look like as a diver and all the different options you can take. Learn about what courses are available to you based on your interests and goals. Want to know more about gear configuration? Mixed gas? Overhead environments or maybe even public safety diving? They will address the endless possibilities that exist in diving.

Becoming an Instructor!

The next day, Friday, April, 2nd at 2PM Eastern (1PM Central) we will continue with the discussion of continuing your diver education but venture into the realm of professional courses. Find out what your path would be to be a divemaster or assistant instructor. What would it take to become an open water instructor? Or a Course director. And just like we have other possibilities with programs outside the typical recreational/sport scuba area, find out how to teach, or be an instructor on a public safety dive team.

You can see the Show Schedule below and our list of all of the virtual classes we will be teaching ALL week! Come take one of them in the comfort of your home.

Register for these seminars and so much more on this 2 full-day event here: https://www.diverightinscuba.com/time-to-dive-show

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