Information About Training Updates vs. Members Update

By Cris Merz

International Training will be changing the frequency in which the training updates are released.  The training updates are mandatory for all active members to read and implement any released changes into their training materials, standards and procedures, and teaching curriculum.  In the past we have released training updates every quarter.  However effective immediately we will only be releasing training updates annually in the fall.

It is important to note that the training update is different than the members update.  Both updates are distributed to the membership, but the content and frequency of the release of each is different.

The members updates will continue to be on a quarterly basis and will be distributed to the membership via email and scheduled webinars.    The members updates include any newly released training updates, but they also contain many more important announcements.  These announcements include, but are not limited to, new product releases, new training program releases, ITW announcements, changes that have occurred at headquarters, service offerings, etc.  It is strongly recommended that you attend the quarterly updates so that you are current with everything that is new and changing at International Training.

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