Trip of a Lifetime… your personal invite to join us

Are you looking to make some extra money in the Dive Industry?  Have you exhausted all avenues for new revenue?  Exotic travel is one sure way to increase your dive center’s profit margins.  Scuba Travel International still have a few openings for this Trip of a Life-Time in the Maldives in February in 2011.    We want to give you, our members, the chance to go on this trip so you can experience firsthand what the Maldives can offer your customers as a dive destination. 

We know that by bringing you along on this great deal, you will be able to see for yourself how wonderful the diving is, how professional the dive boat and their crew take care of you, what to expect from traveling in and out of the Maldives.  It is always easier to sell a trip that you have been on.  With this unique fam trip, you will be able to live the adventure yourself, go back home and share the experience with your customers. 

We will not only take you with us, but we will also assist you in putting together this trip yourself and walk you through what is needed to sell it.   You have the tools to increase profit margins with a solid Travel company whose main interest is in making you look good.  During the evening, we will be presenting several workshops and seminars on travel, scuba courses and different destinations.

So come along and join us, learn new travel tips with the trip leaders and start increasing your store’s revenue with a travel program that attracts the divers that are still looking to you to give them an adventure they will always want to remember. 

Dates: February 13-20, 2011

Price : Only $500.00  + airfare

Let us know right away please as there are only a couple of spots left on this Fam Trip!  We hope to see you there! 

Cris Merz

National Sales Manager

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