Underwater Art Exhibit “Haven’s Wreck Secrets”

Underwater-ArtWith the approval of the Genoa Coastguard and under the patronage of Arenzano City, Genova, on May 12, 2012 the underwater photographic exhibit on the VLCC Milford Haven’s wreck will open.

The wreck itself will host the pictures taken by the underwater photographers Aldo Ferrucci and Massimo Mazzitelli, authors of the project, to show visitors the hidden and less accessible (due to the maximum depth) parts of the wreck. The twenty pictures sized 140×100 cm, printed with a special marine-agents-resistant ink, will show the wreck’s heart, the engine’s room and other narrow and amazing spaces such as the propeller and the rudder.

The pictures will be fixed on stainless steel stands and placed on the quarterdeck and on the funnel, at about 32/35 metres. Aldo Ferrucci and Massimo Mazzitelli will introduce the live underwater exhibit opening. A special guest of the underwater event will also be in attendance – Patrizia Maiorca, apneist.

With its 250m/820ft of length and 51m/167ft of width, the wreck lays at 80/262ft on the bottom. Twenty years after its sinking, the Haven is now an artificial oasis for underwater life growth: A landmark for fish passing by; a place of appointment for wreck enthusiast divers. It is a perfect training place for technical diving newbies and for experienced technical divers as well.

At 4:00 pm, a conference titled “Haven’s Secrets” will take place at Grand Hotel in Arenzano, Liguria. The Rotary Club and the military authorities will be special guests.

The day after, on May 13th, the exhibit will open to the public and will stay open to enthusiasts until September.

Massimo Mazzitelli, a diver since 1987, developed the idea of the underwater exhibit. An enthusiast of underwater life and an experienced underwater photographer, Mazzitelli has participated in a number of events, conferences and photo exhibitions during his career.

Aldo Ferruci is an accomplished photographer and author for several trade magazines in Italy and Europe. Ferruci was awarded the Trident d’Oro for his work on the film Oceans by Jacques Perrin, as Dive Saftey Officer and underwater cinematographer. An SDI TDI Instructor Trainer, Ferruci also represents SDI TDI Italy regional office.

Underwater Art Exhibit is a project in cooperation with Centro Servizi Sub Sas, SDI TDI Italia, Rebreather Training, Haven Diving Center Arenzano, Techdiving Savona, CVI Service Genova by Mario Lauria, Agostino Chiappe.



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