Wait, what’s a Course Director?

if you’ve browsed the 2018 standards changes you’ll notice a name change that might surprise you. IT staff instructors, the individuals qualified to conduct IDC s, are now called course directors. While this might seem like a minor change we think it’s a great competitive advantage. Multiple other agencies use the term course director and this name change puts our professionals on an even playing field while also highlighting the differences and abilities of our course directors and instructor trainers. Individuals who previously held the IT staff instructor rating won’t see any changes to their abilities. They are still qualified to conduct the instructor development course and can utilize the name change for a better competitive advantage in the field. Instructor trainers who are qualified to conduct the IT staff course don’t have any changes to their status either, just the wording has changed for these ratings. Instructor trainers are still qualified to conduct either the IDC or the IEC, just not both for the same candidate. Just as it was before. We’re confident that this name change is a proactive competitive advantage for our Itss CDs and instructors in the field. Continue to offer a superior product to your customers and do so with more confidence in the branding of SDI.

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