We would like to introduce Oceania’s newest Instructor Trainers

Top 10

It is with great pleasure that we announce our newest Instructor Trainers who have just completed a grueling Instructor Workshop. The courses were a great success and the candidates who earned the coveted Instructor Trainer ratings are as follows:

Grant Searancke (NZ)
Edd Stockdale (Victoria)
Robert Thompson (NSW)
Kelvin Bradley (NSW)
Steve Dale (Victoria)
Pierre de Villiers (QLD)
Neil Bennett (NZ)
Brent McFadden (NZ)

These newest members of the IT ranks are ready to train instructors within the Oceania Region and beyond. There is close to 140 years of diving experience in this group with Instructor Trainer ratings to cover both OC and CCR instructor courses. Along with our current IT’s we have the trainers and experience for all your diving needs for OC, CCR, Overhead and Maintenance.

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