Welcoming two team members to the ITI Family!

We are extremely excited to announce that we are yet again growing our HQ family at International Training, one of which is entirely new to our company. It is a pleasure to have them both on the team and we feel lucky to have picked such excellent candidates for these roles. Without further ado, let us introduce them to you!

Jason Meany – Education Coordinator

Jason Meany is International Training’s Education Coordinator. He is a long-time sport and technical and rebreather instructor that loves getting out and diving. Prior to moving into scuba full-time, Jason was a high school science teacher. He taught multiple disciplines ranging from general science through Chemistry, Biology, environmental marine science to anatomy and physiology. Jason left high school education to study Respiratory Care at SUNY Upstate Medical University. He later taught at SUNY Upstate and worked as a respiratory therapist primarily in the Medical ICU and Emergency Departments at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Jason holds a BS and MS in Science Education and a BS in Respiratory Care. Jason is excited to be part of the International Training family and looks forward to helping you in any way that he can.

Wes Kilgore – Training and Membership Services

Wes comes to us from the upstate of South Carolina. Wes began diving when he was 14 years old and has been diving ever since. Wes has been an instructor trainer with us since 2019. He has a great passion for public safety diving and he has been a part of public safety diving for over a decade. He has worked with different technology manufacturers to try to incorporate new types of technology into public safety responses. Today, you can still find him teaching and introducing diving to others as well as find him diving on wrecks and in caves as much as possible. Recently, Wes has begun to expand into the world of rebreather diving as well. When he is not diving, you can typically find Wes hanging out with his family and playing around with wood working.

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