Year Long Promotion to Benefit Scuba Diving International SDI Professional Development Centers


The Scuba Diving International™ Group is launching a new promotion designed to focus on and to enhance the profile of its Professional Development Centers in the North American market served by HQ from Maine , USA  and give ALL SDI™ and TDI™ facilities throughout the continent better access to quality instructors and development programs.

The “SDI Pro Easy Access” initiative will be a campaign run by Scuba Diving International™ to showcase the opportunities and benefits of a career in the Dive Industry to consumers through the official SDI website, eNewsletters, online forums, traditional print and at face-to-face with the diving public at consumer shows.

Professional Development Centers (PDC) in good standing will have the opportunity to request to “assist” at the SDI booth at any of the following consumer shows:

Texas Dive Show (Houston, TX) January 24 / 25

Our World Underwater (Chicago, IL) February 20 / 22

Beneath The Sea (Secaucus, NJ) March 27 / 29

Bay Area Dive Show (San Jose, CA) April 17 / 18

Long Beach Dive Show (Long Beach, CA) May 30 / 31

Washington Dive Show (Washington, DC) September 24 / 25

DEMA Show 2009, (Orlando, FL) November 4 / 7

Florida Dive Show (Palm Beach, FL) December 6 / 7

To participate a PDC simply makes the request in writing to National Sales Manager Cris Merz , availability is limited and as many PDC centers will be accommodated as possible. The PDC representative may be called upon to answer general education and agency procedural questions while manning the booth but will be afforded the opportunity to hand out PDC specific literature and schedules. SDI management reserves the right to approve any and all literature that is handed out from the CDI booth.

Furthermore, the campaign will highlight every PDC in North America and explain how active divers interested in stepping up to a professional level can make that move. Part of the initiative will include driving divers into their local SDI facilities to prep for the challenge by taking DM and AI training.

“Promoting PDCs will help all our training partners and facilities,” stated Sean Harrison, Vice President or Training and Member Services for SDI, TDI and ERDI. “Quite simply, the demand from divers to join SDI leadership is going through a huge spurt, but many potential members are not clear where to find help achieving that last step, and that hurts all our retail partners.

“In the past 12 months, we have built a strong support network of Professional Development Centers that can accept a candidate for the IDC / IEC instructor programs at any time of year and return to the referring SDI facility a well-trained professional to help them grow their business locally.

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