Dear Members,

Where does one begin to address a year like 2020? This year has been challenging all around; for our dive professionals, dive centers, industry, and our world in general.

Our year started with incredible momentum, and then the virus hit. Our offices and members in Asia and Europe felt the repercussions early on, followed by the Americas and Australia. As President of this company, my first concern was for our staff’s families and their safety. We sent everyone home to work remotely, keeping only a skeleton crew in our warehouse and office. Once operational under these new conditions, we focused on the people who needed us most – our members. This moment brought to life our core values of being more than just another vendor or service provider. Our calls were not about selling or buying or asking you to do this or that. We asked you two questions; “How are you holding up?” and “Is there anything we can do to help you at this time?” Your well-being matters to us. After all, you are our life, our blood, our successes, and our failures. Your struggle through this is not yours to bare alone. We are in this together.

We are up and running and have not missed a beat. Some of you are pushing forward and doing well while others are still on lockdown. We will be here when borders open and divers can travel freely, and when you can finally open your doors to welcome new and existing customers. We will be here when you are ready to take someone into a pool to blow bubbles for the first time – eyes wide with excitement. It is our responsibility to help you elevate your business as best we can, not as just another training agency, but as a partner that first and foremost works for you. This has been our philosophy, and this will not change.

This renewal season, the money you invest in us is going to go back to work for you. This is what working together means. How can we give back? Half the cost of your 2021 renewal will be credited back to you in the form of eLearning courses. We want to give you the tools you need to make a little extra profit, teach a few extra classes, and keep moving forward.

We do not know when this virus will end but I do know that the ocean is there, waiting for us. Our magical friends in the marine world, the cave systems, the deep wrecks are all still there, waiting for us to return. And we are waiting for you. 2020 was tough. Let us fight 2021 together.

In this Together,

Brian Carney

How to Renew Your Professional or Facility Membership for 2021

Be sure to take advantage of our Stimulus offer by renewing online.

  1. Log into your profile and choose the appropriate membership level from the “Select login level” dropdown menu.
  2. Select the “TOOLS” tab.
  3. Select “RENEW MEMBERSHIP” under the Tools list.
  4. Follow each step:
    1. Read and accept the Membership or Facility Agreement.
    2. Verify renewal and profile information.
    3. Select renewal specials (optional).
    4. Verify billing information and click “SUBMIT RENEWAL”.

Please note: Professional members and facilities in some regions located outside of the Americas must contact their regional office to renew their membership.