Guidelines for Dive Training

Wondering what dive training looks like in "the new normal" while navigating the world reopening during a pandemic? We've laid out all of the details you need to start teaching safely again.

Earn $300 by purchasing an SDI Specialty

Are you getting stir crazy? Start planning your next trip with Aggressor Adventures. We've partnered together to give you $300 toward your next trip on their fleet.

Top 5 most productive things to do if the store is slow

Things are slow in dive shops around the world right now. You might be looking for activities to do to stay busy during these slow times. You’re in the “ready to run” stage of quarantine. We have five things you can do to stay productive during quarantine.
How To Sell During Quarantine

How to Sell During Quarantine

Times are tough. Here are some ideas on how you can get through quarantine and make sure you come out of it with customers who are ready to hit the water.
Can I Use Distance Learning

Can I Use Distance Learning?

Are you trying to keep scuba diving courses moving along during COVID19? Here's everything you need to know about conducting virtual courses.
Digital PDF Manuals for Offline Learning
6 Emails You Should be Sending

Happiness, Skills, and Safety

Do you know the three most important things about each Open Water Course? What if we told you that making sure these three things happen in every course could help GROW the dive industry. Read: Your business, too!

New Titles & Faces at International Training!

Our family is growing again! We welcomed FOUR new staff memebers to our World HQ office this month. On top of that two of our staff members have taken on new roles! Click below to meet everyone.

STOP Marketing an Acronym – FRTI

Want to know how you can get more business with First Response Training? The answer is pretty simple... make it appealing to all. How do you do that? Also very simple, stop doing this.