Dear Industry Stakeholder:

As the “front line” of our industry we at Scuba Diving International ™, Technical Diving International ™ and Emergency Response Diving International ™ feel that it is imperative that you be maintained aware of any situation arising that may impact your business.

It has come to our attention that there is a movement underway to change the DEMA by-laws as they relate to Term Limits.

Currently a DEMA Board Member may serve for up to Two (2) consecutive terms for a total of 6 years. After taking a year off they may again run for office.

Under the suggested amendment to the by-laws a Board Member would not be required to take a year off and therefore continue to be elected indefinitely.

Under the current challenges faced by our industry we need a system that opens doors and welcomes differing views to stimulate activity and positive growth not one that allows anyone person to settle into a BOD position “for life”.

We respectfully yet adamantly oppose such a change to the by-laws, and suggest you do the same.

We have joined with other concerned Training Agencies to oppose this Term Limits change (link here)

If we are to make a difference you must make your voice heard. To do so the protocol set out by DEMA MUST be followed!


Need your DEMA password… clicking here

If you are NOT a DEMA Member we feel your comment is as important, if not more so… Click here to contact Brian Carney Group President SDI, TDI, ERDI

To read the current by-law wording (click here)

To read the DEMA letter (click here)

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