Open Letter to members from Ed Christini

Dear Diving Professional:

I wanted to share with you how pleased I am to be involved with the Scuba Diving International, Technical Diving International and Emergency Response Diving International Organization. This includes its management team, in-house staff, regional managers, here and overseas, and of course its professional-level members.

The business philosophy and business practice of this organization closely aligns with mine: “It’s about relationships and people”. The management and staff of SDI, TDI, and ERDI believe as I do that developing relationships and treating members as respected and valued associates will result in a more cohesive organization and profitability for all concerned.

I look forward to getting to know the retailers and dive leaders, like you, who represent this organization in the diving community around the world.  I am excited to be given an opportunity to support you in the continued growth of your business and training programs. I am confident that in working together and learning from each other we will be successful.

Best wishes for a safe and profitable summer.


Ed Christini

You may contact Ed Christini at

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  1. Poizat
    Poizat says:

    I try to be connected with Ed Christini, but I have a return, please can you tell me where I ca joint him.
    Jean Pierre Poizat from France


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