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Diving North America’s inland seas…

It’s pretty much accepted that when anyone thinks about taking a North American diving vacation, their thoughts turn to spots in the south. And although we too appreciate the appeal of the warmer waters of Florida and the wildlife of Southern California, we’d like to suggest pointing your car north and heading to the huge inland fresh water seas called the Great Lakes.


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Diver Tips… eat right to dive right

Surface Interval Snacks… fuel up your body for that second… and third dive… by eating the right foods. Some advice from a dietitian on how to make your active day on the water, tasty and more fun.

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A Window to the Abyss!

A wreck dive to 780 feet is outside the norm for most divers, but Diving Adventure Magazine senior editor, Bret Gilliam, has been there, done that and has the pictures to prove it.

Read the full article originally published in Diving Adventure Magazine issue four earlier this year.

Bret’s article, is typical of the quality and content you’ll find in all the articles in Diving Adventure Magazine, which is now published four times a year.

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Why I like to dive with a dual-gas PDC

Thinking of taking a TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course and wondering whether the investment in a dual or multi-gas computer is worth it? Our vice–president of training, has a few words to say on the subject that make a good case in favor of dual-gas computers…


Did You Know… help with your dive planing

Wondering what size waves to expect on your next dive trip… well a quick check of the NOAA weather buoys is the accepted way to check, but did you know about the new service available via mobile phone?


Join TDI for Florida Wreckfest in August!        

An adventure-packed weekend diving wrecks in the Florida Keys, sound like fun? Well come and join TDI instructors and Instructor-Trainers on this special trip in early August






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