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Solo Diver Specialty

When Scuba Diving International™ launched its Solo Diver Program, it stood one of the oldest conventions in the dive industry on its ear: “Always dive with a buddy.” Of course people broke that “rule” all the time but ours was the first, and remains the only, sport agency to admit the reality and offer training (and instructor insurance) to help make sure those doing it, were solo diving as a planned activity rather than an awful surprise.

The feedback we receive at headquarters about this program is always great to read. A favorite is from one of our long-time IT who said, “Every diver can benefit from learning the skills taught in an SDI solo program, but not every diver should be or even wants to be diving alone.” This sums up the sentiment that’s at the core of a lot of the ‘reason I took your course” messages we get from divers. “It’s made me more aware of my buddies when I am NOT diving solo,” and “I feel more comfortable knowing I’m trained and equipped to rescue myself or anyone else I happen to be diving with!”

And that reference to equipment is what we want to talk to you about today, because equipment sales is the second most cited reason instructors give for promoting this program. “Students leaving with increased self-reliance is a great goal,” one Great Lakes facility ower told us. “But when I look at the gear these guys buy for their class, I want my instructors teaching it EVERY weekend.”

How do YOU do with your SDI Solo Diver students? Here are some of the additional pieces of equipment that tie into the skills covered during this course.

  • Pony bottle (13 cubic foot, 30 cubic foot or 40 cubic foot suggested)
  • Regulator first and second stage plus small SPG on short hose
  • Spare cutting device
  • Surface Marker Buoy or Lift Bag
  • Cavern reel or large capacity gap spool
  • Compass
  • Spare low-volume mask
  • Retro-fitted pockets on dry suit or wetsuit
  • Mask Pouch
  • Audible surface signaling device (DiveAlert™,  whistle, etc.)
  • Backup bottom timer and depth gauge or computer
  • The list goes on!

Are YOU taking full advantage of the supporting equipment sales this SDI program offers?

As a reminder, there is no IT program for instructors wanting to move up to teaching this course. Solo Instructors must have certified at least 50 students, be 21 years or older, and have been teaching for at least one year. Required teaching aids for this course include: Student Manual, Planning Slates and Instructor Guide.


Remember the SDI Solo Diver’s motto: “I didn’t lose my buddy, I never had one to begin with…”

Yours should be: “Solo Divers take no chances… they buy two of the best of everything!”

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