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SDI Launches Video Specialty Program in conjunction with top notch underwater Videographer Annie Crawley

The all new two-part program (Beginner’s Video Production and Advanced Video Production), is based on Annie Crawley’s award-winning DVD, The Camera Coach, Your Guide to Creating Underwater Video, which is sold to students as their “textbook.” There are two instructor guides associated with the program.

“Affordable, high-quality video cameras, desktop editing programs, and internet sites like YouTube, have revolutionized the art of film making and distribution,” said Steve Lewis, director of product development for SDI. “This course is designed to introduce divers, snorkelers and even non-divers to the techniques needed to plan, shoot and edit a short film, and what makes it truly unique is that the program is based on an existing DVD “classroom” put together by one of the industry’s most innovative videographers and teachers.”

Lewis went on to explain that the value of The Camera Coach, Your Guide to Creating Underwater Video and the associated instructor guides is that Crawley concentrates on much more than the nuts and bolts knowledge of camera operation and fundamental lighting tricks and techniques. The program really focuses on how to plan a storyline and shooting script and then how to edit raw video to create a compelling “movie” based on that storyline.

“The results should be a video that any diver would be proud to show,” concluded Lewis.

Two-part program (Beginner’s Video Production and Advanced Video Production instructor guides and student DVD) will be available at DEMA.

To purchase the SDI Video Specialty Materials email, call 1-207-729-4201 or contact your local regional office.

Others follow…  SDI Leads!

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