April ITW graduates are a great team

Welcome to the "new guys!"

International Training recently conducted its spring instructor trainer workshop at world headquarters in Topsham, Maine where IT candidates completed the intensive program. The instructor trainer workshop curriculum includes academic, confined and open water training and topics such as evaluation skills and protocols, standards construction, marketing, risk management and teaching theory to name a few.

“The quality of the candidates who participated in the program was absolutely outstanding. Coming from all across North America, each candidate brought with them the professionalism and skills necessary to become industry leaders”, stated Paul Montgomery of Training and Membership Services.

John Perhay from the Illinois Institute of Diving was extremely pleased with his experience. “As a course director with another agency, I came into the program with high expectations. Not only were my expectations met, the training and interaction exceeded them.” John added that seeing firsthand how world headquarters works offered new insight and motivation.

Brian Carney, President of International Training, said “It’s great to have our agency grow with dedicated professionals that participated in the workshop. It’s a pleasure to welcome them to the ranks of instructor trainers.”

Course graduates were: Dan Downes, Tony Holmes, John Perhay, Kim Walker, Don Kinney, John Boynton, Tim McGinnis

For more information about International Training’s Instructor Trainer Workshop, contact SDI TDI ERDI at 207-729-4201 or worldhq@tdisdi.com

For more information about SDI TDI ERDI educational programs, visit https://www.tdisdi.com





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