August Dive Log


European divers open-up new cave system with record dive…

Exploration by TDI divers shows the potential of newly discovered cave system in the “sport fishing” region of Bosnia Herzegovina.

Early dives have discovered a huge system that currently has been explored to a depth of 112 metres (about 368 feet).

This dive set a record for the deepest cave dive in the region, but also has opened up the possibilities of interesting caves dives in an area where previously no caves were known.


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Have you heard that we are giving away two full-size nitrox tank wraps. That’s right, two FREE tank wraps to any diver who wants them.

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Dive the other Florida

Last issue, we took our readers north to dive the wonderful wrecks of the Great Lakes, but this time, we head south to the sunshine state. Corals, big fish, colorful sponges… well, no. A little perverse, we’ve opted to show Florida’s other dive opportunities and once again are highlighting fresh water dive spots.


How one person turned her passion for dive travel into a thriving business

Jen Darby started diving in the late 1980s and immediately fell in love with it… and within a few years was making at least four “big” dive trips every year. One day, she figured out that most dive travel wholesalers mass market their trips, virtually ignoring her needs and preferences as a diver… was there a business opportunity there? Jen thought so…

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Diving Tips… backplate and wings an option for sport divers

When the time comes to purchase personal equipment, many sport divers overlook one BCD option that offers several advantages over the traditional jacket style design. Originally the sign of tech diving, the backplate and wing has made inroads with single tank divers looking for flexible fit and functionality

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There be Dragons!

Indonesia boast awesome dive sites, wonderful cultural experiences and the possibility of a head-on encounter with dragons.  Writer, underwater photographer and sage old wit, Bret Gilliam tells a vivid story about his near brush with mortality in the jaws of a Komodo.

Read the full article originally published in Diving Adventure Magazine issue four earlier this year.

Bret’s article, is typical of the quality and content you’ll find in all the articles in Diving Adventure Magazine, which is now published four times a year.

Reading Diving Adventure Magazine is the next best thing to actually diving, so you may want to consider what you are missing by not subscribing!

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Brilliant new website promotes diving to youngsters

SDI Instructor-Trainer Annie Crawley is one of the most respected underwater photographers and videographers working in the industry today. Her personal focus for many years has been the promotion of  the underwater world to kids, teachers and parents, and so the launch of her new website comes as no surprise. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Annie also developed two SDI underwater specialty programs (Video Production and Underwater Video)specifically for divers and snorkelers wanting to create underwater video. Contact your local SDI store to check out this interesting and useful course.





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