Cave divers open new system

inside the cave

The Krušnice spring is located in the western region of Bosnia and Hercegovina, and is about three miles from town of Bosanska Krupa, a popular tourist area.

This region is karst country (limestone and dolomite) and showed enormous potential to host diveable caves but until recently, no substantial cave systems had been found.

That changed in 2006  when a combined expedition of  TDI Czech Republic, The Czech Speleological Society  (CSS) cave divers found an upstream gallery leading in to a massive gallery.

The following year, the group reached a large underground room whose dimensions exceeded visibility and have yet to be verified. This year in June, cave divers of TDI Czech Republic, TDI Hungary and CSS found another important  downstream gallery. A second expedition has been focused on upstream explorations.  In three dives the team explored an upstream gallery to the depth of 112 metres and the cave continues!

The deepest Bosnian cave dive was accomplished by two divers on July 10th, 2008. The exploration divers were Szabolcs Storozynski  and Laszlo Muelner of TDI Hungary and support divers included Jiri Stetina, Michal Piskula and Jiri Moninec of TDI Czech Republic.This discoveries showed the enormous dimensions of the this newly discovered system which is now the subject of a systematical and scientific project.

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