Diving Adventure Magazine Releasing Four Issues in 2008

A warm reception and glowing praise for our "official" magazine has convinced us to

publish four issues of Diving Adventure in 2008.

When we first launched Diving Adventure at the DEMA Show 2006, our intention was to publish twice a year. However, we underestimated the magazine’s popularity and were forced to immediately begin planning for an additional issue for 2007.  To meet consumer demand, we have had to turn Diving Adventure Magazine into a quarterly publication for 2008 with off-press dates for next year of January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15.

Certainly the success of our first three issues is due to the stellar cast of writers and photographers whose contributions helped the magazine live up to its promise of "celebrating the underwater world." The magazine’s look aided and abetted in making it a huge hit, with award-winning designer Kim Barry’s editorial layouts complementing perfectly the quality and visual impact of the editorial content.

Initially, we also underestimated the magazine’s potential audience. The distribution of Diving Adventure Issue One was to our membership in North America. This comprised more than 3,500 active instructors, instructor-trainers, facilities and dive shops.

Copies of the magazine were also sent to approximately 14,500 recently graduated students from SDI and TDI courses, from Open Water to Advanced Trimix and Closed-Circuit Rebreather. We were careful to vet addresses so that graduates from more than one SDI or TDI course during the target period (six months prior to publication date) would only receive one copy of the magazine.

The impact on these readers was immediate and universally positive. It is distributed free to instructors and to select course graduates but many students have paid the $25 subscription fee to be assured of getting every issue. Ultimately the magazine has received a large number of paid subscribers from the initial – and subsequent – distribution to newly certified SDI, and TDI students.

For the 2008 publication year, we will continue our distribution along the same lines but will constantly add to our mailing list people who are the influencers and decision-makers in the dive and dive travel industry. Our target press-run and distribution for calendar 2008 is 100,000 impressions.

Let people around you know who you are and what you can offer them. Advertise in Diving Adventure magazine today and increase your business exposure!

Contact us at sales@divingadventuremag.com for more information or call 888 778 9073

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