Full-Time represenation in SW region

 Expansion means realignment

Topsham, Maine – May 2nd, 2008

Dear friends in the South West, once again the family of International Training Agencies

  • Scuba Diving International
  • Technical Diving International
  • Emergency Response Diving  International,

are working to improve the service and support we deliver to you, our valued professional members.

It is no secret that all of us – especially those in the retail sector – are concerned about the economic outlook and how it may impact their business. Our success and the tremendous growth our agencies have enjoyed during the past several years is directly tied to the success of members like you. Our future growth too will depend entirely on continuing to serve you in the most effective way for you to meet the challenges ahead and outgrow your competition and your expectations!

To this end, and after much soul searching and reflection, I have decided to implement a vital part of our strategic plan earlier than originally intended.

You need our undivided attention and help to bolster your business right now. This is something that simply will not wait until later. Based on this we have decided to use an exclusive Regional Manager representing our group of agencies; Scuba Diving International, Technical Diving International and Emergency Response Diving International in the South West Region.

I would like you to join me in thanking your Independent Sales Reps, Ray Bullion, who has done a great job helping us get to the level we are today.  Please join me in thanking and wishing him all the best. He will always be part of our family and our history and should be extended every professional courtesy possible. We expect he will continue to be a strong proponent of our Agencies as we will be of him and the brands he represent. I sincerely hope that you will also continue to support him and his other lines.

We are pleased to inform you that effective May 1, 2008 the Regional Manager for your area will be Robin Bashor.  He can be reached at:


(888) 778-9073 x216

(207) 729-4201 x216

(970) 481-7557 cell

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you for your continued support.


Brian Carney, Group President


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