Here is your SDI, TDI and ERDI schedule of events for DEMA 2008

Seminars presented on behalf of Scuba Diving International™ Technical Diving International™ and Emergency Response Diving International™

Sign up now! CPROX1st AED Administrator and Nitrox Instructor programs will be conducted on Tuesday, October 21 at CircusCircus.

Also, the following seminars will be presented at DEMA in Las Vegas from Wednesday, October 22 through Saturday October 25. A full listing with times is available online in the REGISTRATION FORM…SIGNUP ONLINE NOW.

Please note that shortened versions of some seminars will  be presented at the SDI/TDI/ERDI booth during the show.

e-Learning – How to… Your Store Brand & More

e-Learning has changed the way we market and deliver diver training. It captures customers from a broader audience and adds value to their learning experience… but is your dive store making the most of the technology to cultivate brand awareness and customer loyalty? This seminar will show you how.

A Daily Group Discussion on this topic will take place at our booth at 10AM and 3PM

Defensive Teaching for Dive Pro’s # 1

Whether you are new to the dive industry or a seasoned pro, this informative seminar delivered by respected legal expert, Rick Lesser, will outline the procedures and techniques that should form the foundation of your personal and asset protection planning.

Opportunity in an Evolving Market

Huge changes our home economy in the past 12 months might be seen as a threat to continued profitability and success, but this panel discussion will take the viewpoint that the current market is ripe with opportunities. Panel members include Ed Christini, Brian Carney.

A Daily Group Discussion on this topic will take place at our booth at 1PM

e-Learning – The Importance of “Blended Teaching” to Your Bottom Line

Blended opens up your training center to a broad customer base 24 hours a day seven days a week and is the fastest-growing trend in diver training. This seminar will discuss how to organize your marketing and staff to take full benefit of the opportunities blending teaching offers you.

Risk Management for Dive Stores, Instructor and Charter Operators

Professional liability insurance is the last line of defense for you and your business. Understanding how to best manage the risk involved in the diving business is the first. Follow insurance expert Peter Meyer through the step-by-step process of risk identification, isolation and management. It could be the best investment you make at the show.

Launch Diving International Travel Network an unequaled member benefit

The launch of the Diving International Travel Network™ is important news for members of the SDI/TDI world-wide network of facilities and instructors as it opens up a one-stop travel desk though which to book individual and group diver travel. Drop by and check out how you can profit from offering this brand-new service to your customers.

A Daily Group Discussion on this topic will take place at our booth at 11AM and 5PM

Growing Your Business Through Public Safety Training –

Have you considered the value to your business of teaching Public Safety Diving as part of your scuba training curriculum?  Branching out into this area of diver training through Emergency Response Diving International™ has many direct benefits through increased PSD teams grants from municipal and federal governments, but also indirect benefits as your operation becomes recognized in your community as the diving authority to whom local law enforcement and rescue personnel turn.

Scuba Diving International™ Technical Diving International™ Leadership Cross-Over

Known for its innovative diver-education programs and modern approach to program delivery, Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™ offer a fresh and exciting alternative for dive leaders already teaching for competitive sport and or technical agencies. Attend this three-hour workshop and offer your customers more choice. Price includes materials.

You may also contact to register.

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