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Technical Diving International’s Intro-to-Tech™ course is a new addition to curriculum of the world’s largest and most successful technical diving agency. Intro-to-Tech™ is intended to give experienced sport divers a simple, non-threatening glimpse at the techniques and skills used in technical diving. Participating in this course will give those divers a better understanding of the detailed planning and preparation required to make a successful and safe technical dive.

Intro-to-Tech™ is really a try it before you buy it course for someone who has heard a lot about tech and is wondering what all the fuss is about. But Intro-to-Tech™  is also worthwhile for divers who have no real intentions to go on to take a full tech class because the skills it focuses on – gas management, superior buoyancy and trim, situational awareness, and equipment selection – are useful in any form of diving. Intro-to-Tech™ is also the perfect course for those already certified tech divers that haven’t been in the water for a while or just want a little help refining their skills.

Intro-to-Tech™ provides recreational divers an opportunity to assess and improve their basic diving skills in a structured and controlled manner, but does not require them to “go technical.” It also provides those divers who do wish to pursue more advanced diver training with a skill-set that will help them make the transition more smoothly. It may indeed be considered a warm-up for enrolment in some TDI programs.

To learn more about TDI Intro-to-Tech™ contact your local TDI dive center or email for information. Sign up for the Intro-to-Tech™ program today…

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