July 2006 Newsletter


20,000 Divers Make SDI Facility Based On-Line Training an Unparalleled Success:

Since its inception, more 20,000 students from around the world have signed up for SDI on-line training, making it by far the most successfully program of its kind. The SDI program has the distinction of being the only on-line training program offered by a major training agency and recognized by the RSTC. Read more on DiveNewsWire.



2nd Quarter 2006 Training Update: In this update:

If you are an SDI/TDI Instructor, this is “must read” information.

  • Changes and additions to your SDI and TDI Instructor Manuals.
  • New products from SDI, TDI and ERDI.



First-Ever Ventilator Dependent Diver Reaches Major Milestone:

Matthew Johnston, a 29-year-old Minnesota man, who has been living with muscular dystrophy for more than 20 years reached a major milestone by making his first open-water dive. (See story on DiveNewswire.) Now you can help fight muscular dystrophy while helping one determined diver realize his dream. Find out more…



Dates Set for IT Workshops in USA, Korea and Australia:

Responding to increased demand, SDI/TDI has expanded the number of Instructor Trainer Workshops (ITWs) it conducts world wide. Three more IT Workshops will take place before year’s end, including programs at SDI/TDI’s USA Headquarters, Korea and Australia. Find Out More…



SDI Receives EUF Certification

Scuba Diving International continues to receive international recognition and acceptance. Following a mandatory audit of all programs, standards and training, the European Underwater Federation Certification Body (EUF) has given their stamp of approval for all SDI courses. Find Out More…



ERDI Expands Into South America

SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer Marco Aurelio Reis became the first ERDI (Emergency Response Diving International) Instructor registered in South America. He has already certified around 200 brazilian firefighters and understands the needs of those participating in public safety diving. Find Out More…



Nimrod Explorer Offers More SDI

As one of the Premier Liveaboard vessels in Australia’s famed Far North Queensland, Nimrod Explorer welcomes discerning divers from around the globe. SDI Australia is therefore very pleased to announce that all Instructors operating on their trips now offer s range of SDI Specialty Diver Training, specializing in SDI Computer Nitrox and Solo Diving. Find Out More…



TDI Rebreather Training on the President Coolidge

In August, Aquamarine is hosting a CCR Training and Dive trip with Jason Blackwell of Dive Dive Dive in Brisbane, one of Australia’s foremost CCR Instructors and TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer. Along for the trip will be four new Dive Rite Optimas and six Ambient Pressure Inspirations. Jason will be running TDI Courses in both units. Find Out More…



TDI Australia Welcomes Leading Melbourne Technical Dive Centre

TDI is pleased to announce that Diver Instruction Services have successfully completed their TDI Crossover and welcome them as a TDI Dive Facility. Based in the North Melbourne suburb of Ringwood, DIS, as it is known to the local divers, is owned and operated by Paul Leslie. Find Out More…



TDI/SDI Spain Expands

TDI/SDI Spain has taken on a new staff member. His name is Carlos and he is excited to be part of the ever growing International Training family. Carlos comes from a varied background in sports training and is a certified recreational and a commercial diver. If you would like to contact him, his email is carlos@buceo-tecnico.com.


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