Kudos for website functions

We hope by now all our membership has had an opportunity to log into the member’s area of our new website to check out the function and “fit” of the business tools available there.

While we expected the product ordering and shopping catalog section to be busy, the overall response and volume of business it’s doing has frankly taken us by surprise. Customers from coast to coast are logging in 24/7 to browse the product catalog and place orders that shipping is then able to get on its way the next business day.

Obviously it’s a tool we should have made available to our members sooner.

Online student registration is also very popular. The real benefit of this feature is data gets into the main database with fewer key-stroking errors. With paper-based registration forms, our customer service folks sometimes had trouble reading certain “styles” of handwriting, and occasionally a typo made while doing data entry would get past proofing. Sometimes too essential data (such as a phone number or date of birth) would be missed on the original submitted form. This made it much harder for us to process cards quickly and efficiently. Now that data entry is done once – usually by the certifying instructor – many of these challenges have simply evaporated.

One of the favorites here at HQ is that members can now change their contact information, address, phone, email, etc. themselves without involving us! Not only is information more up-to-date than it has ever been, but we no longer have to manage keeping data in several different spots synchronized! That’s a real bonus.

If you need more information about using https://www.tdisdi.com, please contact us during normal office hours.

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