Long Beach Scuba Show

Come and see us at Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CAJune 21-22

Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™ pros will be attending the 21st annual consumer scuba show and will be giving away cool SDI, TDI stuff including FREE online training for either SDI Open Water or one of several SDI specialties available through our eLearning portal. (LINK TO online training)

Long Beach is the highlight of the local dive scene and second to none in California. Our team will be at BOOTH 652 from 10 until 6 on Saturday and from 10 until 5 on Sunday. Drop by and let’s talk about your latest diving adventure and get some help planning your next one. Enter your name in the draw for FREE online training for your or the friend or family member of your choosing!

One other thing. If you are already a sport or technical instructor for another agency — or have a friend who is — and would like to offer your customers something different, you can take advantage of our professional level cross-over at the show. It takes place from 9am to 11:30am at the Hyatt, Long Beach in the Harbor ‘C’ room. Contact cris.merz@tdisdi.com to pre-register and take advantage of the special reduced California Long Beach rate.

The Long Beach Show features exhibits from a who’s who of equipment manufacturers and more than 30 seminars by scuba diving experts including: Marty Snyderman, Jack & Sue Drafahl, Bruce Watkins, Dale Sheckler, Ken Kurtis, Ken Knezick, Divers Alert Network and others.

For more details about the show contact: Dale Sheckler, Saint Brendan Corp, Box 11231, Torrance, CA 90510. Phone: 310-792-2333

Fax: 310-792-2336

E-mail: mail@saintbrendan.com

Web: https://www.scubashow.com)

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