May 2006 Newsletter


First Quarter 2006 Training Update:

There is a lot of important information this month from the SDI/TDI Training Department, including:

  • Criteria for passing leadership-level exams.
  • Changes/additions to TDI course standards.
  • New products from SDI, TDI and ERDI.

If you are an SDI/TDI Instructor, this is must read information.



More Instructor Trainer Workshops:

Responding to increased demand, SDI/TDI has expanded the number of Instructor Trainer Workshops (ITWs) it conducts world wide. In 2006, SDI/TDI is expecting to conduct at least four ITWs outside of the USA, including programs in Germany, Korea, Australia and the Philippines. Find Out More



Parli Italiano?

Parli Italiano? SDI recently announced that its Open Water Diver course materials are now available in Italian. These new materials were introduced this March at EUDI in Genova, Italy. They join a number of TDI materials that are already available in Italian. Read more about SDI/TDI at EUDI.



More SDI/TDI Materials in Russian:

The SDI Open Water Diver, Easy Nitrox Diving and Deeper Diving with Computers manuals are now available in Russian, along with the TDI Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures manuals. These translations are part of an ongoing effort to make SDI and TDI materials available in a variety of languages for students around the globe.



Sign Up for Dive Newswire:

SDI and TDI regularly take advantage of the opportunity Dive Newswire provides to keep not only our members, but the entire dive industry updated on SDI/TDI products, programs and services. You can sign up at no charge to receive Dive Newswire’s weekly e-mail newsletter. Just use any of the links appearing below.


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