Nestor Palmero joins the team

Industry Innovator Joins International Training (SDI / TDI / ERDI)


International Training, the parent organization of Scuba Diving International (SDI) Technical Diving International (TDI) and Emergency Response Diver International (ERDI), is proud to announce the creation of a new position within the organization. The position of Board of Directors Representative has been created specifically to assist the success of its members and champion their cause. The new position will provide members at all levels from Divers, Instructors, Retail Facilities, and Resort Affiliates an even greater voice than ever in the direction International Training follows as the company continues its growth into new and exciting markets. This position is tasked with “carrying the message” from the diving community to the Board of Directors and Executive Management Team.

“We are extremely fortunate to have a very well accomplished and business seasoned Board of Directors, but we recognize that with an expanded level of communication from all those we serve we can certainly continue to elevate and improve our offerings” stated Brian Carney, Group President.

Carney further stated “The challenge we faced in finding the right person for this position was  that it has to be someone who knows our industry intimately at all levels but who also has the acumen  to address business issues at a level our Board of Directors expect. I’m happy to announce we have found that person in Nestor Palmero.”

Nestor Palmero is an industry member with extensive “hands on” experience at many levels. As an Instructor Trainer he worked with the Florida Community Collegiate system where he co-authored a two-year degree program and became Program Director, acted as a Diving and Training officer for law enforcement agencies, and operated two state-licensed vocational schools. As a retailer, with multiple facilities, Palmero knows first-hand the challenges and hard work faced by industry retailers! Having been a VP of Business Development for a major manufacturer permits him to understand and balance the needs faced by retailers and manufacturers alike.

Flemming Elleboe, Chairman of International Training’s Board of Directors had this to say about Palmero’s assignment, “I am pleased Nestor has accepted the invitation to join our group and I’m confident that with his assistance our Board and Executive Team will gain a new level of vigor, creativity and drive that will serve to benefit members at all levels .”

Elleboe further stated, “We also appreciate Nestor’s understanding of the International market, something that is confirmed by his MBA from California State University. His education coupled with his varied previous board experience is sure to make him a great fit with our rapidly growing organization.”

Nestor had this to say.  “A year ago I thought of leaving the industry but I’m happy to say that I found that there are still those individuals and a company in the industry that share my passion and commitment to unequaled customer service and have a strong and vigorous drive to grow their business. I look forward to the future with International Training and to assisting SDI, TDI, ERDI members obtain the positive outcomes they seek.”

To contact Nestor Palmero you may e-mail him at

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