New SDI and TDI Manuals Now Available in Spanish!!!

Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Technical Diving International (TDI) break the language barriers once again with the launch of important new student and instructor materials in Spanish.

 “We feel the Spanish-speaking market represents one of the strongest opportunities for our instructors and facilities,” explained Cris Merz. “The demand for Spanish language texts and support materials is coming from the traditional markets such as the Caribbean and Mexico, but also increasingly from within the United States. To meet that demand, SDI and TDI have added several new editions to their international library of teaching and learning materials,” added Merz, who is a member of the sales and marketing team at SDI and TDI.


SDI’s first release in Spanish was the Open Water Scuba Diver manual as well as the accompanying Knowledge Quest work booklet. 

SDI en Español joins a number of SDI manuals that are already available in other languages worldwide.

SDI’s sister company Technical Diving International is not falling behind and in turn has released its new Basic Nitrox manual in Spanish.  The translation is a direct translation from the English manual and will have all the same support materials as the English version (power point and a knowledge quest).


The manual has an easy-to-understand format which is lavishly illustrated with diagrams and photographs within its ten chapters of just under 120 pages.

Merz concluded, “Attempting to explain math and tables in another language can present a real challenge for instructors as well as students; most especially when these concepts are key to the overall success of the program.

“With the addition of these materials we can offer instructors around the world the flexibility to offer their customers SDI or TDI courses supported by Spanish-language training materials.”

 Along with the new updated materials in Spanish, TDI also has the Advanced Nitrox manual, Decompression Procedures manual and EAD table.

Pick up a copy of your “Nitrox Basico” at your local SDI/TDI/ERDI facility and learn how to say, let’s go diving in Spanish!

210040 SDI Open Water Diver – Spanish

210640 SDI Open Water Diver Knowledge Quest – Spanish

110011A TDI Nitrox with Knowledge Quest – Spanish

110012 TDI ADV Nitrox – Spanish

110013 TDI Deco Procedures – Spanish

110512 EAD Table – Spanish

130011 Instructor Resource – CD – Spanish


For more information about SDI and TDI including great sales and marketing opportunities visit, email or call 207-729-4201.

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