Pre-dive Checklist

Prepping for Dive Season

A little thought at this time of year will translate into more fun and enjoyment when you’re out diving. So, to make your diving better and safer, take a few minutes to check off the following:

My Gear is Serviced (Cylinders were stored correctly over winter break, VIP and Hydro are current, Regulators serviced and ready for use, straps, buckles and  hoses inspected and fit for service.)

My computer is working… and I remember how it works! (Early spring is the best time to do a pre-season battery check and take a look at your owner’s manual to brush up on the finer points of computer use… especially if it’s been a while since you last went diving.)

I am in good shape physically. By the time you hit the water with dive gear on, you should be sure to have shed any winter weight and have your cardio-vascular system ready for a workout. If you’ve been too busy or preoccupied to squeeze in regular workouts, we suggest a few visits to the local pool for some laps.

I am mentally sharp and in shape for diving. (If you have had a long layoff, think seriously about the benefits of easing back into diving under the watchful eye of an SDI or TDI instructor. You could sign up for a quick refresher but why not make things more exciting and add an SDI specialty to your diving tool kit. Remember, SDI now offer several diver specialties as part of our online, eLearning program, including wreck, navigation, nitrox and deep!

Check out to check for yourself… you can sign up and get started right now!

Visit to find an instructor or training facility nearest you.

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