Ranks of Instructor-trainers growing worldwide

ITW Singapore

There were nine candidates for the Singapore ITW conducted last month. It was a truly international group with candidates from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines,Thailand and Italy.

Paul Montgomery, director of international business development, joined organizer Alex Yeo,who runs the SDI/TDI S.E. Asia regional office, in running the workshop.

"Alex, who was recipient of 2007 Regional Office of the Year award, is always a pleasure to work with," Montgomery said. "Our open-water training was conducted off the M/V Samudera Quest in Pulau Hantu, and the whole ITW was well organized, easy to run thanks to Alex’s work and the dedication of all nine candidates."

ITs are our top-level professionals able to run both IDC and IEC for Scuba Diving International instructor candidates. Depending on experience, an IT may also be able to conduct Technical Diving International instructor courses. If you are interested in finding out more about IT workshops (the next North American ITW will take place in Maine Spetermber 12 through 19) please contact your local representative or email cris.merz@tdisdi.com.


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