Price change to eLearning Program

If you are one of many that have embraced the Scuba Diving International (SDI) on-line Open Water course you already understand the benefits.

If you have not already done so, refresh your memory as to what has lead to this epic decision to increase our Dive Centers Gross Profit on our “on-Line” Open Water course. By visiting and reading THE SURVEY SAYS… (LINKS TO>>>, you will quickly get up to speed.

In the survey (discussed in the article) the message was loud and clear so we are adjusting accordingly. You told us (57% of respondents) that you utilized the on-line course to directly market and promote your dive Centers Name & Logo.                   More than one third of you (34% of respondents) utilized the site to help promote and sell their dive gear. Yet the majority vastly underutilizes the opportunity to go into the site and manage their inventory by “adjusting” the lines they want to sell to better reflect the gear they have on hand or in stock. This is an inventory management technique that will make you money, act on it NOW!

But when you told us (73% of respondents) without a doubt that you wanted better Gross Profit margins on the on-line course we went to work on it and here is the outcome.




Old SR $89.95

53.7 %


New SR $109.95




If you are not one that likes to talk in Gross Profit margins and ratios simply stated…YOU MAKE $20 MORE WHEN YOU SELL AN SDI on-LINE OW COURSE…and you cost remains the same!

So what are you waiting for? Get on the band wagon, embrace blended training (on-Line & In Store) and use every tool you can to add convenience to your programs and capture NEW DIVER market share. Need some help doing so? Contact your SDI Regional Manager or contact HQ today…all you have to say is “OK I’m in and want to get involved On-Line” we will take it from there. LINK TO HQ EMAIL

Now is the right time to stock up on codes because when the bean counters read this it can not last forever!

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