Solo Course a unique learning opportunity

Think about taking our industry-leading SDI specialty… Solo Diver

Looking for a unique course that will make you more independent self-sufficient diver?  Try SDI’s Solo Diver Specialty.

Our solo diver course is one of our most popular SDI specialties. It is one of the many innovative ideas we have pioneered over the years… things like promoting the use of personal dive computers for sport diving, certifying younger divers, and promoting an advanced diver development program that really develops advanced skills. Our solo specialty is right up there and has set our agency apart from the competition. SDI is the only agency to teach the skills and equipment configuration necessary to safely pursue solo diving.

SDI has successfully promoted solo diving as an option for experienced sport divers engaged in certain activities. It is a program that is not suitable for every diver because divers must be willing to make the necessary commitment to train and equip themselves to manage the added risks independent diving involves.

Find out more about SDI Solo Diver Specialty and the brand-new course materials from your local SDI training facility.

Scuba Diving International (SDI) is the sport diving certification branch of the world’s largest technical diving agency, Technical Diving International (TDI). Also included with these is Emergency Response Diving International (ERDi), the only global public safety certification agency.

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