Solo Diver certification has value for every diver

“I didn’t lose my buddy… I never had one”

Are you an experienced open water diver with at least 100 logged dives looking for a new challenge? Are you interested in becoming a better diver than you already are? Have you ever travelled to a dive site and had to babysit a less experienced diver because you arrived alone and got “saddled” with an instant buddy? Do you take a video or still camera with you in the water? Do you sometimes dive with a buddy who is only an occasional diver? Interested in learning how to be more independent in the water?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, you could be a good candidate for an SDI Solo Diver Program™.

Although it’s not a full list of reasons to think about taking what’s been called “the essential sport diving certification” these are the ones we have heard most commonly since we began to offer this unique specialty. Over the years, SDI Solo Diver has constantly been a best-seller with divers around the world because the planning techniques it teaches and the skills it helps to build are an asset to any diver… just like you.

Not interested in diving on your own… no problem, although this is our most popular specialty program, many of the graduates for SDI Solo Diver have no intention of diving alone, but have taken the program to become a stronger diver and to use the skills taught to make their “normal” buddy diving more comfortable and controlled.

Visit an SDI Training Center and speak with a certified SDI Solo Diver Instructor today.

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