Special Launch Price for Student Folders

Well we have a great idea for you!

folders add styleCheck out the NEW Four Color Student Promo Folder.

Exciting, vibrant beautiful full color images elegantly cover the full outside of this impressive folder.

The statement, “see why we are the worldwide leader in dive training” elegantly frames your Dive Center’s business card in red ink over a black field on the inside left pocket.

IDEA: Always include 2 business cards….one to give…one to keep!

BRANDING TIP: The right pocket easily accommodates an Avery Label # 6874 (3” X 3.75”) where to promote your facility name and logo. Other private label opportunities also exist on the outside back cover Avery Label # 6879 (1.25” X 3.75”) fits nicely on the bottom left corner over the HQ address information or a clear Avery Label # 8663 (2” x 4”) on the upper right side back cover also looks sharp. NOTE: The label approach is recommended so it continues to brand your facility long after your cards have been removed and passed on as referrals by your students.

Economically priced to allow your Dive Center to put forth your very best image. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager today for ordering information or call HQ at 888-778-9073 (in the continental USA)

On hand quantities are limited and remember, the introductory price is as low as $1.85 per folder for orders of 50 plus!


Open:  18" w X 12" h

Closed:  9" w X 12" h

Pockets:  4" h, left side business card holder. Right side area for customization


Multi-purpose style makes it an absolute must have. Functions as part of your coordinated dive business identity items for everyday use to presenting information to clients and prospects, to making special presentations. No serious dive business should be without this excellent dive facility staple item.

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