What’s Your Most Interesting Technical Dive?

On March 23 we launched the official TDI Fan page. We wanted a page just for technical divers allowing all of us a place to talk shop and not confuse the newer divers. Through out the month of April you have inspired us. You have been sharing updates on technical diving events, classes and certifications attained by your students. We love it! Please continue to share.

What we have been enjoying is the photos. Great shots and stories about your dives. Now we want to make it official with a contest.

Share Your Photo & Win

From April 26th – May 2nd, we want you to submit your favorite photo of a technical dive. Tell us where you were and the details of the dive. We will all vote on our favorite photo, and the winner will receive a TDI jacket valued at $99.95.

Photos can be a single shot, group shot, wreck shot, etc. ( we’ll even take a shot of underwater life), but we want to know what makes it special. This contest is about the photo and the story.

Get your photo in early and tell your friends to stop by our page and vote!

Voting Rules:

– Voting begins on May 3rd and will be open until May 9th.

– Fans can only vote once for their favorite photo.

Why Enter?

1) You’re a member of the largest technical dive community, we know you’re driven by the cool factor – it’s that joie de vivre that probably led you to the world of technical diving, right?

2) You get to show off your underwater photography skills. We love to be “wowed” by those underseas images that only a tiny segment of the world’s population will ever see first-hand. And we hope that you, as a member of that elite technical diving community with access to the planet’s greatest deep treasures, are ready and willing to “wow” us.

3) You’ve got your eye on the prize (in this case, your very own TDI jacket – with a non-too-shabby $99.95 retail value).

So get technical diving, get camera snapping, and get photo submitting: we can’t wait to see what you post for our TDI Facebook page contest!

Enter the contest now!


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