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Nitrox Rocks

Maximize Your Dive Time with Computer Nitrox

Nitrox is a breathing gas with less nitrogen and more oxygen.
This means safer diving and more time to explore.

More Bottom Time

Longer dives and more time to explore.

Dive Smarter

Lower nitrogen means safer dives.

Shorter Surface Intervals

Get back in the water sooner.

Discover the Benefits of Nitrox Diving

Experience the preferred choice of divers worldwide—Nitrox. Known for its higher oxygen concentration compared to regular air, Nitrox enhances your diving adventures by reducing post-dive fatigue and offering better protection against decompression sickness. Explore the advantages of Nitrox and elevate your diving experience.


How Do I Dive In?

Earning your Computer Nitrox certification is a breeze! Simply finish the online course at your convenience, and then pop into the dive center where you completed your Open Water Scuba Diver certification (or any SDI dive center), where friendly experts will show you the ropes on gas analysis. NO ADDITIONAL DIVES REQUIRED!!

Step 1: Enroll Online
Begin today with the eLearning component of your training

Step 2: In-Person Training
Receive hands-on instruction at your local dive center.

Why SDI?

Explore the depths with Scuba Diving International (SDI) – where the world of sport diving unfolds at your pace. Founded in 1998 by diving veterans, SDI stands for a revolutionized approach to scuba certification. Our innovative e-learning and tailored Differentiated Instruction respect your individuality, ensuring a bespoke learning experience. From young adventure-seekers to seasoned professionals aspiring to teach, SDI guarantees education with integrity, collaborative spirit, and uncompromising safety. As part of International Training, we’re not just about diving; we’re about nurturing stewards of the marine world. Embrace the SDI distinction, where you learn to protect the aquatic wonders as you explore them.