The SDI Non-Diving Specialty Instructor course is designed to teach members of the scuba diving industry such as: store owners, service technicians, etc the knowledge to function as an independent instructor for the non-diving specialties listed below:

  1. Visual Inspection Procedures
  2. CPROX
  3. CPR1st
  4. CPROX1stAED
  5. SDI Snorkeling
  6. Equipment Specialists

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may teach the appropriate SDI Non-diving specialty. Instructor candidates may be certified to teach multiple specialties at once.

Graduates of the SDI Non-Diving Specialty Instructor Course may upgrade to other non-diving specialties without completing the full course again; all prerequisites, skill performance, and graduation requirements for any additional specialty must be met and it must be conducted by a qualified Instructor Trainer or IT Staff Instructor.

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