Follow the steps below to complete your crossover!

We are excited that you are interested in crossing over to International Training!  All the forms and information you will need to get started are listed below.  Due to regional variation, if you reside outside of North America, please communicate directly with your Regional Office to discuss the details and begin your crossover process.

Most crossovers fall under the category of administrative crossover, which has three main components – paperwork organization, completing an eLearning course, and a crossover seminar.  Crossovers requiring evaluations will include additional requirements.  You can find a list of agencies that qualify for an administrative crossover to SDI HERE.  For administrative crossover equivalency to TDI, PFI, and First Response, please inquire with the Training Department.

Follow these easy steps to complete your crossover and start teaching SDI courses!

  1. Communication and Payment

For current pricing, and to provide payment, please contact your Instructor Trainer, Regional Representative, or World Headquarters; or the course can be purchased online.

The current deal for a crossover to International Training (SDI, TDI, ERDI, PFI and/or First Response) includes the administrative crossover process, materials, professional membership for the remainder of the current year, administrative upgrades to teach specialties, and all available digital instructor resources for the courses you qualify to teach.


  1. Create Online Profile

Click the “Log in or Register” button at the top of  If you already have a profile, please ensure all personal information is updated and accurate.  If not, create your profile now.

**Next, go to our Online Store and log into your profile.  This step is critical to linking your profile to the online store and allowing us to provide your instructor materials at the end of your crossover.

Online Store

  1. eLearning and Materials

Once payment has been submitted, we will provide you with an elearning code and ship your physical materials to the address in your profile.  At the end of the course, you can download your certificate of completion to include with your paperwork.  You will need to complete this online course before moving on to the crossover seminar.


  1. Attend Crossover Seminar

You will meet with your Regional Representative, HQ staff, or an Instructor Trainer once you have completed the elearning to go over the crossover details, acclimate you with your new tools and resources, and show you how to get the most out of working with International Training. They can also help you with any paperwork and make sure everything is filled out correctly.  This session can be conducted in person or via web conference.

We have an ongoing series of crossover webinars, which you can request to join HERE.


  1. Complete Paperwork

The necessary forms are listed for download below and should be submitted to the person conducting your crossover.  Incomplete paperwork will result in processing delays, so please carefully review the crossover checklist and provide all listed documents.  Feel free to begin this step early in the process.


  • Crossover Checklist English, Español, Português
    • The crossover checklist will list everything that needs to be submitted for your crossover to be processed – please ensure that each point is met with a document.
  • Instructor Crossover Application English, Español, Português
  • Divemaster/Assistant Instructor Crossover Application English, Español, Português
  • First Response Instructor Crossover Application English
  • PFI Instructor Crossover Application English, Español
    • Download the appropriate crossover application for your current professional level. This form expresses your interest in joining the agency and is an agreement to our terms of membership.
  • SDI Specialty Upgrade Application English, Español, Português
    • The specialty instructor application will allow you to upgrade to any ratings you do not hold with your current agency but qualify for based on experience in that specialty area (excludes VIP and Scubility).  Please use one form for all the ratings, sign and date option 2, and attach a page with brief summaries of your experience for every applied specialty listed to qualify the upgrades.  Ratings you can already teach should not be listed on this form.
  • New Facility Application
    • If you are also crossing over or establishing a facility, you can submit your application online. Please make sure you are logged into your profile before clicking the “Submit an Application Today” button on the page!
  • ERDI Instructor Crossover Checklist English, Español, Português
    • If you are a public safety instructor looking to cross over to ERDI, this document will outline the additional requirements to cross these ratings over.
  • Student Counts and Diver Ratings
    • It is recommended that you submit your student counts and copies of your diver-level ratings to help qualify any upgrades or crossover ratings with extra requirements. If you are crossing to TDI or ERDI, this is required.

If you have any further questions or run into any concerns along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us back via phone, email, or chat.  We want to make your transition as enjoyable as possible and look forward to having you on board!