Taking an ERDI course with prior experience

Do you work on a public safety team? Have you considered ERDI training but are unsure it’s worth it? An ITI Headquarters staff member with prior public-safety dive team experience just went through the ERD I course. He now shares his thoughts on the course and how it can help ALL members of a public safety team.

Extraordinary Water Women: The Ice Queen

As freedivers, we should never forget the crucial part our minds play in helping us achieve our dreams. Meet, Kiki Bosch a freediver who not only used the sport to overcome mental trauma. She also freedives into freezing cold water, literally.

Snorkeling vs. Freediving – What’s the difference?

Have you been wondering what the difference between snorkeling and freediving really is? And what about skin diving, where does that come in? Let us explain.

What is an apnea walk, and how will it help my breath hold?

Have you heard of apnea walks? Have you done them? We’re explaining what they are and how to do them. This land-training exercise can help increase your bottom time


How much weight should I wear freediving?

The age-old question no matter what type of diving you’re doing still rings true for freediving: how much weight do I need? Use this guide to help you figure out how much weight you might need.


Five tips to increase lung capacity for freediving

These five steps will help you increase your lung capacity, by developing larger lung volume, more flexibility to allow you to equalize deeper, and make your body more efficient in how it deals with hypoxia and elevated CO2.

Freediver Training Equivalencies by Agency

We are well aware there are other freediving programs out there for you to choose from. However, we have worked hard to be known as the gold standard of freediving training. Learn more about training equivalencies between agencies now.

A Brief History of the SS President Coolidge

Have you heard of the SS President Coolidge wreck? Some have noted it as “the world’s greatest shore dive” but do you know the history of this great wreck? Take a trip back in time a learn more about this wreck’s heyday.

Why I Switched from Diving Sidemount to CCR

Have you been thinking about making the jump from sidemount to rebreather? Have you weighed out the reasons to do it? Do you know how it would affect you on a boat dive vs a wreck dive vs a cave dive? Read on the break it all down.

Three Safety Protocols for Technical Diving

Pre-dive safety, gas switching and end of dive safety checks. These are just some of the things tech divers have to think through on each dive. To make them easier to understand, we’ve come up with a set of acronyms.