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Bubble Trouble: Why Freediving Beats Scuba for Snapping Undersea Wonders

By William Drumm

Hey there, ocean enthusiasts and shutterbugs! Are you strapped into your wetsuit and ready for a splashy tale of underwater photography? Good, because I’m about to dive deep into why freediving is the real MVP when it comes to capturing the ocean’s most Instagrammable moments.

So, here’s the scoop: For over ten years, I’ve been like a fish with a camera, scuba diving and snapping pics in every underwater nook and cranny from Australia to Alaska. But then, I had an “a-ha!” moment that changed everything. After my PFI Basic Freediver class, I discovered the wonders of freediving, and folks, it’s a game changer for underwater photography!

Timing is Everything

First off, freediving is just so much faster getting into the water to photograph your subject. You zip in and out without lugging a ton of gear. Imagine trying to photograph whales or those twirling bait balls – with scuba, you’d be slower than a snail on a treadmill. But freediving? You’re in, snap, snap, snap, and back on the boat faster than you can say “Cheese!”

Bubble-Free & Animal Friendly

Ever tried to take a selfie with a whale while blowing bubbles like a kid with a milkshake? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well. Animals get spooked by scuba bubbles and all that Darth Vader breathing noise. But with freediving, it’s just you and the silent swish of your fins. The sea critters practically pose for you!

Aesthetic Alert

Let’s face it, scuba gear doesn’t scream “fashionista.” You’ve got hoses going every which way, and bubbles photobombing your shots. But freedivers? We’re like underwater models – streamlined, sleek, and bubble-free. Scroll through Instagram, and you’ll see – freediving photos are like the Vogue of the ocean.

Quick Change Artist

Ever needed to switch lenses underwater while scuba diving? Good luck with that. But freediving? Depending on the shoot of course, you pop up, swap gear, and dive back down. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Sunlight Superstar

News flash – the best light isn’t in the ocean’s basement. It’s right up top, within 10 feet of the surface. Scuba divers often lurk in the deep, dark depths, but us freedivers? We’re basking in that golden sunlight, snapping the crème de la crème of photos.

Focus, Click, Repeat

Here’s the big secret – freediving makes you a photography ninja. You’ve got limited time to get the shot, so you’re more focused and instinctive. Scuba divers might dilly-dally trying to nail the perfect shot, but us freedivers? We’re in, we click, we conquer!

So, there you have it, folks! Whether it’s the sleekness, the light, the animal-friendliness, or just being able to move like a fish with a mission, freediving is the undisputed champ of underwater photography. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with a camera and a school of fish waiting to strike a pose!

🐠📸 Dive safe, and happy snapping!

Are you looking to learn more about underwater photography? Check out the Underwater Photographer Diver course.

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