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Looking to Boost Your Mermaid Resume? Consider Taking A Freediving Course!

By Rachel Novak

The mesmerizing world of professional mermaids has captured the imagination of many, and the desire to become a part of this enchanting profession continues to grow. While the allure of landing a job as a professional mermaid or merman is undeniable, it is crucial to prioritize safety and acquire the necessary skills for success. Essential skills and knowledge that aspiring professional merfolk should have can be found in a freediving course. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why a freediving course can help you be a safer, more knowledgeable, and more professional underwater performer.

1. Equalization Techniques for Deeper Dives:

One of the fundamental skills taught in a freediving course is equalization. Equalization refers to the process of balancing pressure in the ears, sinuses, and other important air spaces while descending underwater. As a professional mermaid, being able to dive deeper allows for more captivating performances and interaction with marine life. Learning proper equalization techniques will help you keep yourself safe and ensure that you can perform reliably with a reduced risk of injury. If you’ve tried to dive to the bottom of a pool but weren’t able to due to pain or pressure in your ears, a freediving course might be for you.

2. Breath-Hold Skills for Extended Underwater Performances:

Mermaid performances often involve graceful underwater sequences, captivating audiences with the performer’s ability to hold their breath for extended periods. By undertaking a freediving course, you can develop efficient breath-hold techniques, increase your lung capacity, and improve your overall breath control with proper techniques. These skills are invaluable for longer underwater performances, enhancing your ability to captivate and entertain. If you’re interested in increasing your breath hold time, take a freediving course to ensure that you have the complete knowledge to improve your breath hold safely.

Rachel Novak mermaid in cenote

Photo by Chris Jackson (IG: @hypoxicdreamsfreediving)

3. Understanding the Risks of Diving with Excessive Weight:

While it may be tempting to wear weight belts or incorporate weights into your “mersona”, diving with excessive weight can be dangerous. Taking a freediving course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of proper weighting. You will learn how to find the right amount of weight to ensure safety while diving, preventing potential injuries or accidents caused by excessive weight while performing an extended breath hold.

4. Risks of Diving with a Snorkel in Your Mouth:

As a mermaid performance artist, you will probably not be using a snorkel in your performance. However, diving with a snorkel in your mouth during training dives or fun dives is unnecessary and can present a safety risk. Not only can a snorkel interfere with your ability equalize properly, but it can also increase your risk of inhaling water during a dive and interfere with your ability to take a full breath of air after the completion of a breath hold. As performers are in the spotlight, it is important to promote proper freediving techniques to maintain credibility with those who may hire you for jobs and to provide a good example for those who are looking up to you as mentors.

5. The Impact of Cold Water on Performers:

Performing in cold water can pose unique challenges to professional mermaids. The cold water can significantly affect breath-hold times and increase the risk of blackout. In a freediving course, you will gain insights into the physiological effects of cold water and learn important techniques to mitigate these risks. Understanding how to manage your body’s response to cold environments will help you minimize the chances of experiencing blackout and ensure a safer and more enjoyable performance.

mermaid and freediver with fish

Photo by Nicco Stevens (IG: @niccolostevens)

6. Potential Safety Risks During a Breath Hold Performance:

Safety should always be a top priority for professional mermaids. When undertaking a freediving course, you will be educated on essential safety practices. The course will equip you with rescue techniques and teach you how to effectively recognize, prevent, and handle emergency situations in the water. Being prepared and having the knowledge to assist others can be invaluable, ensuring the safety of yourself, fellow performers, and even spectators. While mermaiding courses and underwater modeling workshops with well-known performers are informative, learning breath hold techniques from a knowledgeable and certified freediving instructor will help ensure that you are able to pursue your mermaid performance goals with a more complete understanding of dive physiology, breath hold techniques, and proper safety considerations for an effortless performance.

Becoming a professional mermaid is a dream for many, but it is essential to approach this career path with safety and professionalism in mind. While this article touches on some of the benefits and potential safety concerns around combining mermaiding and freediving techniques, this is not a complete list and NOT a substitute for a freediving course from a certified freediving instructor. From equalization techniques and breath-hold skills, to proper use of diving equipment and performing in cold water, a freediving course will enhance your abilities and help you deliver captivating performances while prioritizing your safety and the safety of others. Dive into your mermaid journey with confidence, and let the enchantment of the underwater world inspire you to create memorable moments for audiences around the globe.

Rachel Novak is a PFI freediving instructor, mermaid instructor, stunt performer, and mermaid performance artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has performed underwater stunts on Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, was a cast member of MerPeople on Netflix, and competed on Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior. She owns and operates Aquanauts Freediving LLC, a company dedicated to providing high quality mermaid entertainment and diving education. As Sea Queen of Nevada and Miss Mermaid Nevada, her volunteer platform has been to promote freediving and water safety in the US to help ensure that those looking to get into mermaiding and freediving have access to resources and mentors to help them grow and progress safely.

Performance Freediving International is the premiere freediving training agency and its instructors have been found on Hollywood movie sets performing underwater stunts, providing breath hold training to actors and stunt performers, and coordinating the safety aspects of underwater scenes.

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