A Note to PFI Instructors…

My name is Chris Bustad. I’m from Tacoma, Washington, and for the past five years I’ve been a staff instructor and Director of Training for Performance Freediving International. I took my first course with PFI in 2012. I worked my way up, ended up going all the way through to becoming an instructor trainer as well as having helped develop programs throughout the way.

Personally with the PFI ITI merger, I’m seeing great things coming from both sides of the table. From the ITI side, I’m seeing the organizational capacities of one of the largest scuba agencies in the world, being able to produce certifications and provide customer support and educational materials, that were really restricted by the small size of Performance Freediving.

Performance Freediving, on the other hand, is bringing forward to the table, the best freediving program in the world as well as some of the best instructors in the world. So it’s going to be a really good mesh.

So far the response has been really good. It’s been received well by the PFI members. It’s been received well by the ITI members.

Having been on board for a couple months now, it really truly feels like I’ve just been enveloped into a new part of the family and it’s a welcomed feeling.

So yeah, I’m just encouraging all freedivers out there and scuba divers alike, instructors and non, just to come in and get a taste of the education that you can get. You know, crossover, become a PFI instructor. Be a part of the family.

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