Join us for a four part series on ‘Vitamin F (Freediving)’ with live guided and interactive at home exercises for everyone. Kirk Krack will host a different guest each week to talk about COVID19, the respiratory system, lung stretching exercise, hypoxic training exercises, training tables and so much more.  This Live series is for non-divers just as much as it is for experienced divers to learn with world class freedivers.

Part One – Vitamin Freediving and COVID-19: with Dr. John Shedd

Join Kirk Krack and Dr. John Shedd doctor and freediving competition doctor as they exploring the healthy lifestyles of freedivers and the physiological adaptations that can positively impact your day to day living especially in the time of COVID-19.

Part one is an interview based around understanding COVID-19 and its effects on divers and how freediving as a lifestyle by virtue of its overall physiological, especially respiratory conditioning, can provide a leg up in the defence, fight or recovery from this virus.

Part Two – with Mandy-Rae Krack

Join us for part two in our ‘Vitamin Freediving’ series with live guided and interactive at-home exercises for everyone. This week Mandy-Rae Krack will join Kirk to talk more about segmented breathing. Watch until the end for breathing exercises to prepare you for part three!

Part Two – breathing exercises

Part Three – With Ashley Chapman

Join us to learn more about lung flexibility in part three of our Vitamin Freediving series with 3 time world record holder Ashley Chapman of Evolve Freediving. She will take us through her inhalation and exhalation dry stretches you can practice at home.

Part Three – Breathing Practice

Part Four – with Chris Adair

Chris Adair joins Kirk Krack for the fourth installment of our Vitamin Freediving Series. In this episode Chirs and Kirk will lead a start to finish training session for the audience to follow along and practice at home hypoxic training exercises and the use of CO2/O2 Training Tables.

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