Find the course that’s right for you.

PFI offers recreational, professional, and skill development courses to fit all freediving abilities, goals, and needs. Whether you have no water experience or decades of it, we guarantee that taking a PFI course will make you a more efficient, and more confident diver.

PFI has instructors all over the world but maintains the highest standards for divers and professionals, that’s why you see so many world records and active freedivers with PFI certifications. As our list of instructors grows internationally, rest assured that you’re working with instructors of the highest caliber who adhere to the strictest industry training standards and methods. We strongly believe in what we educate, ensuring all of our instructors have routine check-ins and are actively participating in ways to further their safety education.

PFI’s training philosophy and goals are summed up in its original motto: Safety Through Education.

A diver with safety in mind is a good diver–with safety at the forefront, you can truly enjoy the amazing experiences and challenges that freediving brings into your life.