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Freediving Coaching Sessions

The PFI Coaching program helps certified freedivers perfect existing skills under the direct supervision of a qualified PFI Instructor. Coaching sessions will help the freediver to find and overcome issues that arise when pushing their limits.  Coaching sessions can be for any freediving discipline in the pool or open water.  Coaching sessions can be used to prepare for your next class, stay current, train for a competition or just get better. The presence and assistance of a PFI professional makes these sessions the most beneficial practice possible for growth as a freediver. The unique nature of the coaching sessions is a reason so many world records and competition winners are successful.

Who this course is for:

This course is for any certified freediver seeking to further polish and refine existing skills.

Course prerequisites:

  • Certified as a PFI Freediver, at any level

What you can expect to learn:

  • This program does not introduce skills or techniques of a higher level than what the freediver is certified as
  • Build muscle memory of skills so you can better focus on other techniques
  • Refine your existing skills to better prepare you for the next level course

How do I take this Course?

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