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Become a Freediving Instructor

Share your passion for exploring the underwater world and the abilities of human physiology.

Why Become A Freediving Instructor

Want to teach with the best? Then PFI is your agency. Our instructors and divers use the most comprehensive training standards to promote safety and fun in freediving.

PFI’s courses are the pinnacle of freediving instruction and have inspired countless other programs to follow in our footsteps. Our methods and passion have been proven effective time and time again. It’s these methods that have created dozens of world records, thousands of certified freedivers, and millions of fun freedives.

Why teach with Performance Freediving International?

  • Highest standards and most respected instructors.

  • Proven and time-tested teaching techniques.

  • Industry leading instructors and methods.

  • Global presence, local support.

  • Online eLearning platform.

  • Industry best customer service.

  • One stop training agency for freediving, scuba and first aid.

How to Become A Freediving Instructor

Your journey to become a PFI Instructor starts with being a competent freediver. Start with a strong foundation and coaching sessions to increase your personal abilities and then learn the safety techniques with Safety Freediver . Once you’re personally competent and have the skills to help others it’s time to take the first level of professional freediving, Freediver Supervisor, where teaching techniques and supervision are introduced. After earning the Freediver Supervisor rating the Assistant Freediving Instructor program qualifies you to assist in courses to gain experience before earning the elite PFI Freediver Instructor Rating.

Already a Scuba Instructor?

If you’re already an educator that’s taken into account. While you’ll still need to prove competency as a freediver, the instructor program is abbreviated to give you credit for you existing knowledge while still honing freediving specific teaching techniques.


Crossover Information

If you’re already a Freediver instructor the crossover requirements are straight forward.  You must be a Freediver equivalent* instructor and hold all required prerequisites** of a PFI Freediver Instructor.

The PFI crossover is four simple steps:

  1. In-water skills evaluation
  2. In-water safety protocol evaluation
  3. Complete diver level elearning courses
  4. Complete crossover orientation and agency familiarization

*Contact our training department for a list of recognized training agencies.
**Any missing prerequisites can be included in the crossover process.

You May Qualify to Crossover to PFI Assistant Instructor If You Hold One of the Following Ratings…You May Qualify to Crossover to PFI Freediver Instructor If You Hold One of the Following Ratings…You May Qualify to Crossover to PFI Intermediate Instructor If You Hold One of the Following Ratings…
PADI Basic Freediver InstructorPADI Freediver InstructorPADI Master Freediver Instructor
SSI Basic Freediver InstructorSSI Level 2 InstructorSSI Level 3 Instructor
NAUI Assistant InstructorNAUI Freediver InstructorNAUI Intermediate Freediver Instructor
FII Assistant InstructorFII Level 1 InstructorFII Level 2 Instructor
AIDA Level 2 InstructorAIDA Level 3 Advanced Instructor
Apnea Academy Freediver InstructorApnea Academy Freediver Instructor Level 3
Molchanov Wave 1 InstructorMolchanov Wave 2 Instructor

If you do not see your training organization listed, not to worry – there are still options available for you! Fill out the form below to receive more information from our Training Department.


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