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Become a Mermaid – PFI Mermaid Classes

How to Become a Mermaid

Become a mermaid with PFI mermaid classes! Discover the art of mermaid swimming, moving gracefully through the water in a mermaid tail, master breathtaking underwater tricks, and ensure your safety while exploring the depths – all while embracing your inner mermaid.

Why Take a Mermaid Class?

So you want to become a mermaid? PFI mermaid classes equip you with the skills to gracefully navigate waters in your mermaid tail, mirroring the conditions of your training. Delve into a comprehensive curriculum that covers safety, proper equipment usage, buoyancy, mermaid swimming, and even dazzling mermaid tricks. With a flexible student-to-instructor ratio, you’ll receive personalized guidance as you refine your mermaid prowess. Our course structures balance theory and practicality, ensuring you’re prepared to spend a remarkable time in the water. At PFI, we’re passionate about nurturing mermaids of all ages (starting at age 6 with parental consent), providing a fun and safe environment to explore your mermaid dreams. Dive deeper into your mermaid ambitions, and who knows, it might lead you to new adventures. Embrace your mermaid destiny today!

Who Are Mermaid Classes for?

Our mermaid classes are designed for everyone, regardless of skill, gender, or experience in the water. Whether you’re a complete beginner eager to learn the basics like donning a mermaid tail, and mermaid swimming, or a seasoned aquatic enthusiast looking to master advanced mermaid skills and dazzling underwater tricks, our classes cater to your needs. We welcome those who’ve never dipped their toes into the mermaid world and experienced merfolk alike. Join us to unlock the magic of the deep and embrace your inner mermaid or merman. Dive into a world where dreams and reality merge seamlessly, and let your aquatic adventure begin.

Which Class is for You?

We have three options if you want to be a mermaid in real life. You can dive into the enchanting world of mermaids with our range of mermaid classes tailored to your skill level and aspirations. If you’re an experienced mermaid yearning to explore the depths of open waters, our Reef Mermaid Specialty Course is your ideal choice. This advanced program equips you with the skills to safely navigate the seas, opening doors to freediving adventures. For those seeking a middle ground, our Aquatic Mermaid Specialty Course is designed to help you master mermaid skills in confined conditions. If you’re just beginning your mermaid journey, our Mermaid Splash Course introduces you to the magic of mermaiding, teaching basic skills in a fun, non-threatening environment. No matter your level, we have the perfect mermaid class waiting for you. Dive in today and embrace your inner mermaid!

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Mermaid Splash Course

The Mermaid Splash course is an approximately 90-minute class designed to help students safely explore basic mermaid skills with a certified PFI instructor! Excellent for kids (6+ with parental consent), families and first time mermaids.

mermaid swimming underwater

Aquatic Mermaid Course

The Aquatic Mermaid Course is designed to give students the skills to master mermaid swimming in confined water conditions to depths of up to 15 feet. Learn mermaiding tricks that will pave the way for underwater modeling and open water diving!

mermaid swimming over coral reef

Reef Mermaid Course

The Reef Mermaid Course is an advanced course designed to give students the necessary skills to swim in a mermaid tail in open water and be a safe mermaid buddy. Discover how water pressure affects your body and learn important rescue techniques!


Why PFI?

Performance Freediving International (PFI) empowers divers at every skill level to explore the underwater world confidently and securely. With a stellar track record, PFI has been the go-to choice for training actors in safe underwater performance for blockbuster films such as Avatar 2, The Suicide Squad, Mission Impossible, and Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever. As the leading training agency in the field, we have a proven legacy of equipping our students with the essential skills and knowledge required for underwater performances, establishing ourselves as the foremost authority in the industry.

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