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Open Line Diving

This program is designed to provide open line diving for PFI or equivalent certified Freedivers with the opportunity for supervised buddy diving sessions in pool or depth disciplines. These sessions will provide a diving support system which may include counter-balances or similar FRS under the supervision of a trained PFI professional.

Who this course is for:

The objective of these open line diving sessions is to provide individuals a training environment that allows them to practice diving and skills with a buddy. Freedivers are limited to training depths of 20m/66ft, Intermediate Freedivers to 40m/132ft and Advanced Freedivers to 60m/198ft, with the proper safety protocols in place, with Specialty Freediver areas governed by limits of that particular specialty or their primary certification.

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age of 18 years (10 with written consent of legal guardian)
  • Certified as a PFI Freediver, PFI Intermediate Freediver, PFI
    Advanced Freediver or equivalent
  • For ‘Open Line Diving’ Freedivers must have finished a PFI course,
    refresher, or coaching session in the last 6 months and provided proof of
    such experience to the satisfaction of the PFI Freediver Supervisor
  • Qualified Freedivers may participate in Open Line diving outside of the 6-month limitation if they have continually participated in Open Line Diving sessions and have proof in the form of a Freediving Record Card
  • A PFI Freediver Supervisor may at any time require that a Qualified Freediver take a Coaching Session or Refresher if necessary before participating in Open Line Diving

What you can expect to learn:

  • This program does not introduce skills or techniques of a higher level than what the freediver is certified as.
  • Build muscle memory of skills so you can better focus on other techniques.
  • Refine your existing skills to better prepare you for the next level course.
  • Have fun with friends practicing your diving techniques under supervision.

How do I take this Course!


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