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Professional Liability Insurance

For Instructors and Dive Centers

We have liability plans that are your best choice when looking for the right protection. With the highest and most comprehensive coverage, these plans offer all the coverage that you need and more, at the most competitive and affordable rates.

Liability coverage is mandatory by law in many countries. Accidents do happen and liability may exist that can ruin one’s personal wealth and health. The premium for liability insurance may possibly be one’s best investment ever, if circumstances turn bad. These liability insurance plans provides excellent coverage to dive centers and diving professionals at extremely competitive rates.

These liability programs are endorsed by International Training for anyone teaching or providing dive trips. 

Policy’s “Must Have” Benefits

  • Public liability (e.g. slips and falls, property damage or injury caused by diving boats)
  • Product liability (e.g. claims as a result of faulty products – sold or rented, equipment repair, air fills)
  • Claims alleging negligence (e.g. diving accidents, in-water accidents)•Liability relating to diving boats (up to 12 meters)
  • Environmental liability (e.g. claims as a result of emission of polluting substances)

Main Advantages – At a Glance

  • High limits
  • Most comprehensive coverage available in the industry
  • Occurrence policy with gap coverage at no charge
  • Very competitive rates

Occurrence Policy

The policy is an ‘Occurrence Policy’. This means that any covered occurrence that happens throughout the time that the policy is effective is covered regardless of the time in which it becomes known to you. That also means that when you will stop teaching or sell or close your business, you will not have to worry about purchasing “run off” coverage. If you are crossing over to us from a “claims made” policy, we will cover the gap between the two policies at no charge.

Compare Our Rates and Save

Despite the superior coverage and the high limits, you will find out that in most cases, our rates are significantly lower compared to other providers. Our rates include your membership fee, service fees and local taxes.

Who is eligible for coverage?

Coverage is provided to our members through a group policy issued and is available to the following:

  • Diving facilities and dive centers whether self-contained, located within resorts or on Liveaboard
  • Diving professionals of all levels – whether working as employees within a covered dive center or freelancers/independent professionals
  • Diving and teaching must be done in full compliance with one of the approved certifying agencies listed in the DiveAssure website

Program availability

Local policies are issued in each locality where service is requested. While the program is subject to global jurisdiction, coverage is ONLY AVAILABLE to diving professionals and facilities operating in certain areas. For the full list of countries covered by this program, please follow these links.