A must have for all rebreather divers

TDI-Rebreather-Pre-Flight-ChecklistThe TDI Preflight Check List holds the essential standardized steps that must be completed for safety on a rebreather directly before entering the water. After assembling a rebreather based on the manufacturer’s recommendations using their check list, the rebreather may sit turned off while in transit to the dive site. This “preflight check list” adds a short sequence to go through in order to make sure necessary components of the unit are on and functioning directly before entering the water. The TDI Rebreather Preflight Checklist can increase diver safety by making sure the user does not skip vital steps before entering the water. We have also created a library of rebreather check or build lists to make it easier for TDI Rebreather divers to have access to their checklists on the go.

Click on the Rebreathers below for their unit specific checklist.

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